We are currently fundraising for our upcoming production of Scott Joplin’s 1911 opera Treemonisha, which will premiere at Arcola Theatre in summer 2019.

Focusing on a community of former slaves in the Deep South, and incorporating musical influences from jazz to African American spirituals, our production will be an important step towards diversifying the stories we see and the sounds we hear on stages in the UK. We hope to make a case for opera as an inclusive, all-singing, all-dancing genre that will keep toes tapping from beginning to end.

Matthew Lynch, Musical Director

Treemonisha is an opera about those neglected by the elite. It’s an opera about a community kept ignorant for the convenience of others, but whose ignorance is exploited for personal gain. It’s an opera about a woman leading her community with knowledge and truth. Treemonisha needs to be on our stages now more than ever.”

Grace Nyandoro, Performer (Treemonisha)

“I am really excited to be performing as Treemonisha this summer: not only is the music wonderful to sing, but I also love that Treemonisha is so strong and self-possessed - an atypical operatic heroine!”

We are immensely grateful for contributions at any level: if you would like to support the project, please donate via PayPal below, or get in touch with us to discuss a higher-level donation.

Previous productions have been made possible by the Bryan Guinness Charitable Trust, the Golsoncott Foundation, Oxford University, King’s College London, University College London, and the following individuals: Carol Donne, Emma Rix, Giles Keating, Giulia Sartori Conte, Holly Muir, Jessie Ingle, Jillian Wertheim, Kate McMullen, Leo Mercer, Mae Heydorn, Marina Abel Smith, Mark Galtrey, Martin Plackett, Max Upton, Philip McDonald, Rhys James, Rupert Mercer, Stephen Grosz, Tracy James.