“Collision is ahead of us. The end of the world is near.”

Berlin, 1928: a strange Green Globe is on course to collide with Earth, and panic is rife in the streets. With lovers star-crossed and citizens inciting revolt, only the High Commissioner of Order can organise the final curtain. Irreverent cabaret-opera Collision begs the question: how would you spend your world's end weekend? 

Collision started life in 1928 as a libretto by avant-garde visual artist Kurt Schwitters. Part madcap farce and part nihilistic satire, it was Schwitters' first and only foray into the opera world, and was never realised during his lifetime. 90 years on, Spectra Ensemble recreates Collision as a fully-staged opera set to new cabaret- and jazz-influenced music by Lewis Coenen-Rowe, and with a set inspired by Schwitters' own brand of collage art. 

Greenwood Theatre, London
24-25 May 2017

Arcola Theatre
17-19 August 2017
(Grimeborn Festival)

Creative Team

Cecilia Stinton - Director
Lewis Coenen-Rowe - Composer
Sean Morris - Musical Director
Holly Muir - Set Designer
John Pham - Lighting Designer
Ruth Spencer Jolly - Graphic Designer
Caitlin Fretwell Walsh - Choreographer
Jessie Anand - Producer
Isabella Hubbard - Production Assistant
Sophia Stern - Production Assistant (Greenwood only)
Sara Malik / Inés Cufflin - Stage Manager


Masterly - Juliet Wallace
Virmula / Jailbird - Barnaby Beer
Alma / Saleslady / School Principal / Paperboy - Olivia Sjöberg
Rommel / Schmitt - Henry George Page
Paulsen - Alexander Gebhard (Arcola) / Sharang Sharma (Greenwood)
Taa - Bethany Horak-Hallett

Chorus (Greenwood only) - Miles Ashdown, Kathleen Greene, Fabian Helmrich, Freya Morgan, Alessia Naccarato, Tom Rushton, Beatrix Swanson Scott


Clarinet - Robert Winup
Saxophone - Claudia Baum
Piano - Erchao Gu
Violin - Carlos Yeung
Cello - Harvey Gibbons

Additional band (Greenwood only) - Nicolas Kent, Nick Lau, Benedict Ng, Eloise Riddell, Justin Tambini, Laura Wormington




Encounter love and loss as the story of the Virgin Mary, and her journey from freedom to constraint, is told through music and dance. 

Liturgie was first conceived by Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes as a ballet-opera presenting the Orthodox rite as a total work of art. For a century, it lay unfinished. Spectra Ensemble’s production marked Liturgie‘s world premiere, combining designs drawn from Natalia Goncharova’s original plans with new music by Daniel Lee Chappell and new choreography by Camille Jetzer.  A contemporary twist on an age-old tale, Liturgie offers a powerful expression of female agency.

Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place, London
25 July 2017
(Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival 2017)

By Other Means Gallery, Clapton
14 - 16 December 2016

Creative Team

Director - Cecilia Stinton
Composer - Daniel Lee Chappell
Musical Director - Oliver Till
Choreographer - Camille Jetzer
Set Designer - Holly Muir
Costume Designer - Clare McGarrigle
Producer - Jessie Anand


Mary - Marlene Hell
Mary's Shadow - Mary Sol Martin del Castillo
Judas / Joseph - Fran Mangiacasale
Gabriel / Man of the People - Kudakwashe James Mushava
Man of the People / Saint John (Green Saint) - Claire Smith
Man of the People / Saint Luke (Yellow Saint) - Feliciana Robles Acosta
Man of the People / Saint Andrew (Orange Saint) - Ed Addison
Man of the People / Saint Mark (Purple Saint) - Ivan Isakov
Man of the People / Mage - Emily Everest-Philips
Man of the People / Mage - Anna Zanetti
Man of the People / Mage - Mengting Zhuo
Man of the People - Camille Jetzer


Fiona Hymns (solo), Letitia Perry, Aimee Presswood, Rosie Middleton, Rachel Maby, Pete Martin, Matt Pope, Timothy Edlin, Henry George Page


Flute - Amy Pryce
Clarinet - Seb Marshall
Horn - Joel Roberts
Violin - Clarice Morrish Rarity
Cello - Hannah Chappell
Piano - Daniel Lee Chappell

Also in 2016: Eleftheria Anthimidou, Lavinia Johnson, Esther Kigozii, Greta Landers, Sam Rayner



Performing Colour / Staging Sound


Spectra Ensemble's debut production was Performing Colour / Staging Sound at Oxford's Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, a multimedia collaboration which presented the aesthetic strands of two early twentieth-century works and their contemporary possibilities.

A staged production of Wassily Kandinsky's colour opera Der Gelbe Klang was paired with Schreker's Kammersymphonie and Lewis Coenen-Rowe's new composition A Cosmic Joke in this sell-out production which stretched the boundaries of lighting design and explored the potential of staging concert works.

Der Gelbe Klang, or The Yellow Sound, was first published in Kandinsky's almanac Der Blaue Reiter in 1911. Although plans for its performance never materialised, the work was eventually completed and performed in 1982 in conjunction with the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, with the original score recomposed by the American composer Gunther Schuller. The 40-minute opera is divided into six 'pictures' and is devoid of narrative or plot: its emphasis is on movement, colour and expression. Spectra's version was shortlisted for King's College London's Ivan Juritz Prize for Creative Responses to Modernism.

Jacqueline du Pré Music Building
St Hilda's College, Oxford

12-13 May 2015

Creative Team

Cecilia Stinton - Director
Matthew F. Reese - Musical Director
Camille Jetzer - Choreographer
Designer - Holly Muir
Lighting Designer - James Percival
Stage Manager - Jennifer Hurd
Puppetry - Lucie Dawkins


Clare Batterton
Ben Christopher
Veronica Corsi
Antoni Czerwinski
Christine Gou
Patch Harvey
Jennifer Hurd
Camille Jetzer
Catriona Kerr
Anna Sands
Colin Strong
Chloe Wakelin
Anna Zanetti